The Latest Development About Home Insurance Premium Calculator

What’s that?Well, it’s an update on your homeowners insurance, making sure you have maximum protection.Want to know more? Then take a look.Homeowners across the country value what they have their homes and what’s inside them.Homeowners insurance protects your home and personal property.It also provides liability protection plus more. But over time, things change.To better understand how homeowners insurance works and what you need to know,Designing Spaces met up with one homeowner and an Allstate agent.


Meet Megan, a homeowner, and Allstate insurance agent Tim Walt rip,who will serve as our guide to better understanding homeowners insurance. So can you tell me why an annual homeowners insurance checkup is necessary?That’s a great question, Megan. The first goal of an annual homeowners review is to make sure that you understand and are comfortable with your current coverage,as well as to make sure we have adequate protection for your home,your contents, and the liability exposure you may have.What are a few things that are covered under homeowners insurance?

Your homeowners insurance is designed to cover your dwelling,the home that you live in, as well as anything that may be attached to the home.Say you had a deck or a garage. Another thing that it protects are the contents of that home your clothes, your furniture, your appliances, your electronics,in the case they may be stolen or damaged.

The final thing that it covers is your liability for your guests.What are a few things that aren’t covered under homeowners insurance?The major things that your homeowners insurance generally doesn’t cover is going to be flood insurance, earthquake insurance, identity theft protection,and a personal umbrella policy, or it’s often referred to as excess liability.But the great news is, all four of those things can be purchased from your local agent.