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Over the cornea,and the cornea is the center of the eye right here.Again, this occurs if you have contact with an open sore,and then you touch your eye.So the mode of transmission here can be from your finger to your eye.Another unusual phenomenon that can occur is that if you have a herpes lesion on your lip right here,this virus, and I’ll draw the virus right there,wants to go and hang out and become dormant in the cell body of a nearby neuron.In the face, that means it wants to go and hang.

out in the cell body of this nerve right here.This guy is called the germinal nerve.And this nerve allows you to feel sensation or touch on your face, so what happens is that the herpes infection will go and hang out in the cell body of the germinal nerve right here until the patient becomes stressed,and then it goes back down in this direction to cause a sore on your lips.One of the unusual things that can happen and realize the germinal nerve attaches up to the brain,is that instead of going back down to the lip.

The virus could prefer to go up to the brain.And it can cause what’s referred to as herpes encephalitis,which is an infection of the brain.And that can cause a variety of things like headache, mental disorders, depression,and even be fatal if left untreated.But this phenomenon is fairly rare,and tends to happen in patients that have a very poor immune system, which is why this happens so rarely even though so many people have been infected with this virus before.hi this is dr. Dennis Clark research scientist and natural products.

campus talk about some plants that have some really important chemistry for you as far as fighting viral infections herpes family of viruses Kirby’s family has about nine different kinds of these nine kinds have been named so far herpes simplex types one and two are the most famous ones you know the type because Coal source and then type to its associated with genital herpes.