How To Sell Florida Homeowners Insurance Quote

And people in North Carolina will find themselves dealing with over the next weeks and months so the goal of this isis really to provide some information as Tom said in baton rouge we’re a little bit ahead of tall so so as we’re marching through this we’re a little bighead so ahead so hopefully some of the experiences that we’ve had a baton rouge we can share with y’all and help your recovery for seed that much faster yeah that’s a good point let’s go and get to the questions.

I mean this is abroad Florida Homeowners Insurance Quote To Desire overview clearly there’s you know we’re dealing with two types of policies here right we’re dealing with it was part homeowners policy which like the labors is with I damage in there slut policies is where I which is water damaged primarily fortress exception toll of these things it and it’s important to read your policy and understand the nuances of pastas are all different but just with that back setting it looks like we’ve got questions that are kind of spread equally between fly.

And and homeowners issues so I’m just going to start going through them here I and again feel free to stop us soft moderator your room and say hey I’d like that like energetic next session so here’s a question we got from from the room at st. Augustine estimates for repair to see lower the actual we’re getting estimates and were told to submit them to the insurance company and they were providing supplemental payment how do we make sure they cover the true cost of of these repairs i guess it comes down.

To you know the question of hey insurance company says an adjuster out that works for the insurance company the number how do you have short of being trained engineers or contract ourselves how do we know that we’re getting you know shape right and and you know it’s important to remember that we really are talking about two different policies and so a lot.