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You are financially able to cover the claims but most people find it easier just to to me this legal requirement with the standard liability coverage in a PhD in about this part sand exactly that minimum coverage that it needed to to satisfy most most states that liability and an auto liability insurance requirement will point out that this coverage will provide.

coverage to the owner of the car as well as two other people that drive the cars as you let other individuals borrow your car Fl homeowners insurance laws you can you can realize that your coverage will still be in place as you drive other cars and you can do it you can tell you should realize that their insurance has been played first though it’s necessary yours will will also command we would call that an esp coverage but in general have the insurance does cover the car covers the driver regardless of which actual car they’re.

Driving at the time the sections of thesis it that say the car provided by work or a car used in using in the employment context of those are usually covered under a commercial auto policy but any sort of personal use of automobile will be covered by this liability coverage and again will point out that much like the homeowners liability coverage what we’re talking about here is third party claim alright so this liability coverage is not protecting the driver of the car for their own injuries and their own games to the Marthe rather than you live to me I issues that the driver becomes liable for as result of operating the car and then again they must be found legally liable there have to be.

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Enough I’ll stop there if you can carry more coverage do it because you never know what could happen you don’t want to make that mistake fall asleep at the wheel or reach for a pen get an accident and then find out your debt for the rest of your life because of one mistake if you have the right coverage they’re going to go after your insurance company and not go after youth typical homeowner.

OK when you own a home that’s Fl car insurance online quotes an asset or liability depending who you talk tout that’s considered an asset to the bank but that that’s something that you want to protect because if you have equity let’s say I bought a house for two hundred thousand two years later to with, OK I’ve got , equity so when I cause an accident I want to make sure i have at least , to cover so they won’t sue me for my house protect what you have guys I mean if you’ve got if you’ve got assets or if you’ve got you know stuff that you can protect.

Do tithe average homeowner will carry a hundred thousand per person three hundred thousand per accident and a hundred thousand for property damage perfect coverage if you have a more valuable home or a lot more equity in the house then you may want to do what I carry which is , per person and, per accident I also carry property damage of a hundred thousand sure i could put it -but the odds of me sideswiping a Ferrari and then turn around and hitting Mercedes at the same accident are going to be very slim I’ve got my bodily injury if I heard somebody , per person I’m covering that guy I don’t want to sue me , per accident if he’s got more people in the car I’m covering those people as long as it doesn’t match over , property damage if I damage their car even if he’s driving a Mercedes I want.

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And people in North Carolina will find themselves dealing with over the next weeks and months so the goal of this isis really to provide some information as Tom said in baton rouge we’re a little bit ahead of tall so so as we’re marching through this we’re a little bighead so ahead so hopefully some of the experiences that we’ve had a baton rouge we can share with y’all and help your recovery for seed that much faster yeah that’s a good point let’s go and get to the questions.

I mean this is abroad Florida Homeowners Insurance Quote To Desire overview clearly there’s you know we’re dealing with two types of policies here right we’re dealing with it was part homeowners policy which like the labors is with I damage in there slut policies is where I which is water damaged primarily fortress exception toll of these things it and it’s important to read your policy and understand the nuances of pastas are all different but just with that back setting it looks like we’ve got questions that are kind of spread equally between fly.

And and homeowners issues so I’m just going to start going through them here I and again feel free to stop us soft moderator your room and say hey I’d like that like energetic next session so here’s a question we got from from the room at st. Augustine estimates for repair to see lower the actual we’re getting estimates and were told to submit them to the insurance company and they were providing supplemental payment how do we make sure they cover the true cost of of these repairs i guess it comes down.

To you know the question of hey insurance company says an adjuster out that works for the insurance company the number how do you have short of being trained engineers or contract ourselves how do we know that we’re getting you know shape right and and you know it’s important to remember that we really are talking about two different policies and so a lot.